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Example of modified Tactical meeting process at Modest

This article from Victoria Pater at Modest is a good example of a company tweaking the default Holacracy tactical meeting process to fit their need. 

Article: A Modest approach to hyper productive meetings that don’t suck.

It's a good reminder that according to section 4.2.3 of the constitution 4.1, it's perfectly okay to modify the tactical meeting process by adopting a policy in governance. This section says: 

A Circle may adopt a Policy to add to or change this required process.

Modest is admittedly not using Holacracy, so there are probably parts of their process that wouldn't be compatible with Holacracy (e.g., people get assigned actions or projects by the manager, without reference to roles), but it seems like the process itself can easily be used in a Holacracy context with little or no modification.

Very cool to see people experimenting and trying new things

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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Thanks Olivier for such reminder. The constitution is not so clear on what is mandatory and what could be amended to better fit org. needs.