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Posted in GlassFrogBy Mikolaj • 12/21/2017

Evolution in action

We are in H for 9 month, and what is obvious our company is evolving all time.

When talking to new members or to people from outside, it would be very useful to have some method to show how we evolve.

If we could transform our GF structure into a movie - showing governance output of some period, i.e. from beginning until now then it would be very useful.

I think it could be also useful for us to see, where is more movement in which part of company, in what roles, in what areas….


I can try to do it manually, but it would be very time-consuming, still I can imagine it should be not so difficult to add this as function to GF? -  I would be very grateful....

How about it?

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Jeff Kreh

[@mention:519784817122741229], are you envisioning something like Facebook's auto-generated movies that show friendships or year in review movies?


I don't really know how it looks on Facebook, but I thought about some "biological" cartoon... - to see how cells divide, move from circle to circle, rotate, change size (?), content and ownerships.

For beginning just roles and circles - that would be more than enough


Kallie Kendle

Mikolaj,  thanks for your ideas and request.   Would it be sufficient to be able to go to a point in time and have GlassFrog go back to how the organization looked then (and then be able to choose another point in time, etc.)?  As a new member of a circle or role I often review the history of these to get a feel for how things have evolved.  I gather that you're looking for something a bit more visual?



Possibility to see the structure at any given date would be perfect!

Then maybe next step can be adding the possibility to move along the "time line" to see how it evolved?

Looking forward to see some of it!

Kallie Kendle

[@mention:519784817122741229] thanks for the clarification.  I have submitted this as a feature request and we appreciate your input.   Also, if you have any additional information not previously shared as to how this supports your Holacracy practice, that would be helpful in terms of prioritization.