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End of life of the Old Community of Practice

Hi, I really like the new community forum, and I also appreciate the fact that you have asked for suggestion about which topics should be migrated from the Old Community through a dedicated spreadsheet,  however, having joined the community only  a few weeks ago I feel like I had just started scraping the surface of the vast amount of content that was available there (videos, calls, discussions), which means I am in no position to really indicate now what I think should be ported.



A few options:

- Why not migrate the whole community in a dedicated area of the new one? (You may even want to grant access only to paying subscribers)

- Why not just leave it up in a different place if you feel that the new one requires a competely new image and structure?









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Laura Johnson (Admin)

Hi Andrea,


Thank you for your message. We deliberated over migrating all of the content from the old Community of Practice to the new platform. The final decision was based on 1) a lot of the content was old and may be out of date/inaccurate and 2) cost/feasibility on this platform, which resulted in making a fresh start with new content and the best of threads from the past.


We will take your suggestions into consideration regarding the old Community. Another options is migrating more recent threads into this Community of Practice now that it is active.  


Very best,