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"Employee Engagement"

Does anyone know of or have access to statistics measuring "employee engagement" in Holacracy org? 


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Michael Bodekaer

[@mention:476716727608952329] do you mean average statistics across multiple organizations?

I can share that we use Peakon/OfficeVibe at Labster.com to measure engagement in our Holacracy organization every week (100 people) and we are consistently measured higher that the industry averages. Peakon/OfficeVibe compares us to 100s of other companies in the same industry.

Examples of Holacracy relevant metrics:

  • Freedom of Opinion: Labster among top 5% in industry
  • Strategy: Labster among top 10% in industry
  • Autonomy: Top 10% in industry
  • Management Support: Top 10% in industry
  • Peer Relationships: Top 10% in industry


Even though we only represent one example of a Holacracy company, I hope this is still useful.

Bruce Peters


Thank you. This is quite helpful. 

May I ask if and how you use the survey results? 

My direct e mail is bruce@beyondteal.com just in case it's easier to communicate directly. 

Bruce Peters

Whoops. Missed your question. I am looking to learn if there is any significant difference, increase or decrease in the "employee engagement" as it's usually defined  in organizations  that are on the Teal or self led path. 

Your answer above is quite useful. 

Thanks again.... 

Oh, was there a particular objective(s) in utilizing the Peakon/Office Vibe tool? Do you feel that the objectives are being achieved? 

Michael Bodekaer


Yes. We have Holacracy roles for each circle, who is accountable for monitoring the engagement in each circle (we call them Engagement Ambassadors).
The objective is simply to reach highest possible engagement, and to be able to know how we performance/improve on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, so we can react quickly, rather than e.g. only having quarterly/annual surveys.

In addition, we wanted to distribute the accountability for Engagement to each circle. Each role holder in the circles are informed weekly via email how their circle is performing, and all Engagement Ambassadors across all circle also meet on a regular basis to exchange best practices on how to improve engagement in their circles.

Bruce Peters


Thanks again this is very helpful. I took a quick look at the Peakon/Office Vibe tool.

Did you consider other tool options?  

I am in the process of assisting in the formation of  COPs of Sr. Executives and looking for a tool to establish a baseline and measure success. The companies I work with all are established or highly ranked companies with which to work. That said in all cases the employees or colleagues with most time seniority at the companies consistently grade the company lower across the board on the great company surveys. We are looking for tools and other metrics to assess our progress beyond or in addition to the great companies to work surveys. 

In a sense we are looking to identify the drivers and behaviors necessary to improve engagement. Has your tool and process achieved what you hoped? 

Whatever else you can share about what you've learned and the process is greatly appreciated? 

All good stuff. 

Michael Bodekaer

Yes, Peakon is especially great to _automatically_ help identify main drivers to increase engagement.

I have only tried Peakon and OfficeVibe. 

Bruce Peters

Thank you. Hate to ask as you've been so helpful. Is it possible for you to share the "Engagement Ambassador" Role Description? Or point me in a direction. 

Love the concept. 


Michael Bodekaer

Yes of course. No problem. Here it is:

Engagement Ambassador

Purpose: Outstanding engagement within this circle

Domains: Peakon Feedback for the Circle


  • Replying to all Peakon feedback in the circle once a week
  • Coordinating solutions and tensions with the @Team_Member_Engagement_Coordinator
  • Creating new policies within the scope of the Circle to encourage high engagement
  • Following up with the Circle on tensions sensed in the Circle to find solutions
  • Promoting a culture of appreciation and engagement within the Circle
Bruce Peters


Is there anything I can do to assist you? 


Michael Bodekaer

And here is the coordinator role:

Team Member Engagement Coordinator

Purpose: Empowered and well-informed Engagement Ambassadors
Domains: Peakon 
  • Creating access and ensure security in the use of Peakon
  • Guiding responses/solutions to feedback in Peakon for constructive answers to team members e.g. encouraging direct action by Engagement Ambassadors of the corresponding (sub-)circle
  • Onboarding Engagement Ambassadors in all Sub Circles in Labster in the use of Team Member Engagement tool
  • Coordinating and help the Engagement Ambassadors to increase the happiness and engagement in each Circle
  • Promoting a culture of appreciation and engagement within the circle
  • Reading and staying updated on the location and Circle specific feedback and engagement scores.
  • Creating new policies within the scope of the Circle to heighten engagement.
  • Following up with the Circle on tensions sensed in the Circle to find solutions.