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EMPAUA's recruiting policy Dec2016

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share our current recruiting policy/app with everyone. EMPAUA is a european Salesforce consultancy with 40 employees.

This policy defines the recruitment process of all new partners within the organization. It is set out to align with teal principles and practices. General remarks:

New partners are thought to be recruited by the following proportions: 60% cultural fit, 30% functional skills and 10% role fit. Recruitment process:

1) Tension: Partner is raising a tension about missing PAUA in his circle.

2) Focus Meeting: Members: Partner with tension + Recruiter + Finance (GCC) + Lead Link of Circle of missing PAUA Goal: set next actions to solve tension of partner

3) First check by Recruiter

4) Teal Mail (Template + attachments in Salesforce)

5) Building Recruiting Panel by Recruiter
a) Peer
b) Visionary (Senior PAUA-Ranger)
c) Recruiter

6) Discovery day (planned by Recruiter):
a) Candidate will work with us for a few hours and speak to the Panel
b) Every Partner gets the opportunity to meet the candidate + can give advice to Recruiter / Panel

7) Salary proposal:
a) If references to a similar role are available internally, the Recruiter will give the candidate several real salaries of other partners holding similar positions and will ask the candidate to make a proposal for a salary
b) When references to a similar role are not available, the Recruiter will gather data about the market value of the potential candidate and will offer the highest amount they would pay the candidate.

8) Feedback:
a) Panel gives feedback (cultural fit, functional fit, role fit, salary fit)
b) Finance (GCC) gives feedback only on salary fit
c) Recruiter shares feedback with the candidate and he/she can adapt and clarify.
d) Recruiter shares feedback and salary proposal with rest of the team to make the process transparent

9) Objection round (only panel and role of Finance (GCC)). Every objection is valid. Objections are resolved through IDM (integrative decision making).

10) Offer and Contract

Looking forward to your feedback!


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