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Duty to track metrics

Hi everyone!

Constitution says everyone must track and report on the metrics assigned to their roles. What happens if tracking some metric requires to do a lot of work? Does the person having that role has to prioritise it over normal tasks? Or is it their own decision based on their best judgement?

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Fajar Firdaus

In our experience, metrics are picked from something that's quite easy to collect. If the effort of collecting metrics requires a lot of work, it becomes something that's ongoing and I think should be "promoted" to be an accountability. And after doing so, we can treat collecting metrics as project and judge its relative priority among other project / action.


Great question [@mention:471649920894755840].  I would be curious to hear what others say.  Our standard coaching is that it should be prioritized like any other work (meaning that perhaps the metrics won't get updated in a timely fashion).

More interesting to me is that Rep Links have this accountability:  "Providing visibility to the Super-Circle into the health of the Sub-Circle, including reporting on any metrics or checklist items assigned to the whole Sub-Circle".  However, my understanding is that Rep Links can't accept work on behalf of the Circle, so how can a Rep Link accept the work associated with reporting on a metric?

Alexey Ilyichev

[@mention:549059653907130620], I guess it's similar to how metrics are assigned to roles. It's something that lead-link assigns, not something that circle accepts. In that sense metrics and checklists are not the same as projects and actions.

Chris Cowan

The short answer is, a metric can't require a lot of extra work (or it should be turned down). 

The key distinction is, "Does reporting on this metric (as defined) place an additional expectation on my role?" In other words, you can't sneak in work by making it a metric (you have to propose governance to do that). 

So, as long as the role-filler already has access to the information in the course of energizing their work (and there may be some negotiation between the Lead Link and the role-filler on how the metric is defined), then they should report on it.   

I think this answers [@mention:549059653907130620] question about Rep Link as well. Rep Link is only reporting, not taking additional work. 


Thanks [@mention:471649920894755840] and [@mention:455886150941203371] for getting back to this topic.  Looking at it now, it seems obvious; but this helped clarify quite a bit.  The Accountability on the Rep Link is clearly "reporting on any metrics", not generating the metrics assigned to the Circle.