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Dutch translation of Holacracy Constitution

Hi all!


For the Dutch people among us: I translated the Holacracy Constitution in Dutch. This is the complete, literal translation. I'm also working on an easy to read version.


Have fun! 


All the best,




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Jasper Rienstra

Great work, thanks a lot Esther & co!

Christel Hofman

Thank you for the work Would like to see, but can't open the link.... Can I get it by mail? christel.hofman@alliander.com

Esther Teunissen

Thank you Jasper! The 'easy to read' version of the Dutch Constitution is now also published. 


@Christel: thank you for your response! I just e-mailed you. I checked settings of the document, but it should be accessible


You can also find this documents on public.energized.org


Laura Johnson (Admin)

Hi Esther - 

It's great you translated the Constitution in Dutch! I moved the topic to the Resources Forum for members to find more easily. 

Esther Teunissen

Thank you!