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Domains: more to increase clarity, less to increase flexibility

I have the following question on Domains; in general, is more domains desirable for clarity of governance? Or, should you only create domains when unconstrained access can damage the organisation? 

Based on maximising speed of an organisation I would say the latter, but maximising governance transparency is valued in Holacracy too... 

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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Pieter,

From my perspective, Domains are a powerful tool. But setting more and more Domains decrease flexibility. It's why I'd only create domains when unconstrained access does damage the organization.

Moreover, setting Domains is not the only way to give more clarity to the organization. Another way could be defining more precisely authorities and accountabilities of the roles involved in the tension behind.

Hope that helps.

Sally McCutchion

My general rule of thumb for governance is that less is more.

A feature of a traditional hierarchy can often be excessive bureaucracy around rules and processes. To nurture freedom and flexibility within an organisation and embrace the power of self-management, governance is best used only when it is absolutely needed.

Lean into the question 'what is the lived experience of the tension that has prompted this proposal?'