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Posted in GlassFrogBy Jenn • 05/24/2016

Domains in Sub-Circles and Roles

We have some roles organized into a circle and I'm curious if a role within a circle can have a domain that the circle doesn't have.

So if I understand correctly, typically a role holding too much may become a circle. When this happens the circle would split it's domains and accountabilities into role, as necessary. ie. Marketing grows from a single role to a set of roles Social Media, Print Media... The domains the circle had are delegated, as necessary. Say the Social Media Role creates a new domain, like there wasn't a Yelp business page and now the Social Media role creates one. That domain is held by the role that created (social media role) it out of their efforts to meet their accountabilities which is logical and was acceptable to all in our governance meeting.

My question is simply in glassfrog is the Yelp business page now a domain of the Marketing circle and the Social Media role or only the Social Media role.

Maybe it is fine either way? 

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