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DOMAIN with a POLICY on the same GM


I have a very basic question but it confuses me every time I confront with it.

Can you set a DOMAIN with a POLICY ON THE SAME Governance meeting. I mean at the same time. Glass Frog doesn't allow it I think.

Thank you...

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Hi Ana,


You can always make multi-part proposals, just click on “Add part” and change what you need to change. You can add as many parts as you wish, GlassFrog supports it well.

So you can open a first part to update the role with the domain and then add a second part to create a policy.


Hope that helps

Ana Sovdat

Thank you @Margaux. It helps.


Hi !

Considering you set a domain on a role, this role now controls it.

So I'm not sure GlassFrog will allow governance to set a politic to that domain in a meeting.

However that role can, on his own will, take an action of setting a policy on that particular domain after the meeting. 

Would that be correct?


Yes and you have a “+policy” on the role domain.