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Domain in the Circle and also in a Role


I was taking a look at HolacracyOne´s Glassfrog, and I noticed that the Circle "Outreach" has the following domain: "Holacracy and HolacracyOne visual branding".

Then, I was checking the Role "Brand Visual Design", and I also noticed that this Role has the same domain: "Holacracy and HolacracyOne visual branding".

My question is, if this domain was delegated to Brand Visual Design Role, is it correct to let it also in the Circle?

I´m not thinking that this domain is somehow shared, I know that the Circle delegated to the Role. But why is it there in the Circle also? I´m thinking that it is because, since the GCC Circle sees the Outreach Circle as a Role, then this domain has to be there also.

Or, it´s a mistake. 

But since it is correct, doesn´t it get confused? Wouldn´t it be better if somehow there would be a specific symbol (like " → ") to let the Outreach Circle´s members know that this domain was delegated to a Role inside the circle?


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Fred Magovern

This is one of my top complaints about GlassFrog.

Super-circle assigns an accountability (or domain) to a sub-circle. Sub-circle is then responsible for assigning accountability to a role. It needs to be re-created, so if the super-circle ever adjusts the original accountability it will not be updated for the role. Not only should they be dynamically linked, there should be some kind of visual connection betw. the two, so the origin of the accountability / domain is clear.

Alexia Bowers

Hi! We do have something in the GlassFrog backlog to allow more refinement in breaking down domains, so thank you for sharing your thoughts - I'm definitely taking notes as Product Manager. 

I'm curious in either of your experiences how often you update accountabilities in a way that you wouldn't want them to be updated on a role if they were linked somehow? I guess it would be a case where you've changed the accountability so much that it is no longer conceptually the same, or do you usually delete accountabilities in those cases?

Fred Magovern

Never, I'd always want the update to be made dynamically. If that gives rise to a tension that might be processed in re-assigning the modified accountability to a different role within the circle, that's fine.

Does that make sense? Happy to jump on a quick call: 917-291-0374

Alexia Bowers

Hi Fred,

That makes sense and gives me a better sense of the use case. Thanks!

Flavio Souza Ratzke

Thank you Alexia, and I´d go with Fred.