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Domain delegations and initial Circle authority

I have a question regarding the last paragraph of article 2.1.3 (Delegation of Control): 'In any case, all Domain delegations are always limited to whatever authority the Circle itself had in the first place'. My question is, what is meant by 'authority... in the first place'

I can think of 3 ways to interpret this:

  1. The circle delegates a domain to which it had regulated access only, possibly subject to a policy in the super-circle 
  2. The circle has a policy in place that applies to all domains in the circle 
  3. The circle delegates a domain for which itself had issued a policy/ies

I believe interpretation #1 and #2 are correct as follows:

  • A circle can only delegate a domain to the extent it had access itself
  • If there is a policy concerning policies for all circle members, this applies to every domain-holder

But interpretation #3 is incorrect and this implies that:

  • Once a domain is delegated, the domain holder has full rights to issue policies he thinks fit and to amend (including deleting) policies he believes are not fit. 


Wondering how other practitioners interpret this!


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