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Domain control if Not delegated to a role

The constitution mentions the following three aspects about a domain controlled by a circle:

1. The Lead Link controls the domain, as long as it is not delegated to a role (2.2.1)

2. The Lead Link may not define policies that limit roles of the circle except via Governance (2.2.1)

3. Roles in a Circle may use and impact any domain controlled by the circle itself (2.1.2) 

My question: what is the practical implication / real life example of the 'control' the LL has on the circle's domain?



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[@mention:560460946271433103], you said "LL of the "web development" ... can create Policies for the rest of the org without Governance."  This was surprising to me, but it seems like a reasonable interpretation.  If it is correct, GlassFrog does not support this.  If a domain is on a Circle, the only way to change it (that I can tell) is via the governance process.

I guess I'm asking the community:  is GlassFrog wrong, or is this interpretation wrong?