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Posted in GlassFrogBy Tony Wood • 12/05/2015

Does Glassfrog store the Actions or Triggers in a list somewhere?

Given that : Most actions live within a project and all actions need to be transparent to others

How can you get a list of Actions or Triggers in the style of Projects https://glassfrog.holacracy.org/my_projects 

Currently we need to take the actions from the meeting notes and store them separately. Am I missing anything is there a Action list feature I cannot see in Glassfrog?

Additional 1: With the new premium features will this mean we can get integration for projects/actions into OmniFocus or other list tools? 

Additional 2: Can there be a link between actions and projects in Glassfrog as this will help with Constitution v4.1 1.2.4 Tracking Projects, Next-Actions, & tensions.

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GlassFrog does not support the trusted system part of Holacracy yet.

You still need to have a individual organization system like GTD to store your actions, triggers and projects.

I hope in the future they will integrate it

Alexia Bowers

Hi Tony,

Like Margaux said, GlassFrog is pretty rudimentary for actions and triggers, and actually projects as well. As GlassFrog Product Manager, I've taken a note of your request for further processing.

I'm thinking that access to better personal syncing support will be first available via the api, and then the plan is to work on third-party integrations (like Asana) and see where that gets us. My current thinking is that I'd like GlassFrog to be basically functional if you have nothing, but there are so many tools out there that specialize in personal systems and are so good at it, that syncing with them seems like the first step. I know I would find it incredibly helpful.

The only other place I can think of to get lists of the outputs in the GlassFrog UI is from the meeting history itself.

Tony Wood

Hi Alexia

Yes Glassfrog needs to be the entry and simple storage of the task text and rudimentary info like "Action / Project / Trigger" etc.

Currently we take this and copy to our internal systems (Trello / Slack /Product Board ) for actioning. 

What would be great is the following.

For API:

  • Add projects / tasks into Trello / Slack / others to create cards for organisation transparency (Cv4.1 1.2.3 & Cv4.1 1.2.4) 
  • Add projects / tasks into OmniFocus or Wunderlist etc for our personal tracking


For Glassfrog visibility:

  • Allow Tasks to be linked to existing projects (within Glassfrog)
  • Maintain an active link from Glassfrog to the task system - So you can link from Glassfrog to the task easily.


As this is premium features the user should be able to see linked tasks in the meeting history and in a personal Project and Task list.  Maybe add tasks into the Project list as an option. You could also add a tab next to projects called My roles Projects and Actions + my personal actions.


Just a thought





Alexia Bowers

Thanks, Tony!

Rebecca Brover

I love this!

I would love an additional field in with each project for next-actions. Sometimes I will even use the field for related links to add a next-action for the benefit of my team since I use OmniFocus and they cannot see all of my next-actions.

Alexia Bowers

Thanks, Rebecca! I'll add a note to my system to consider.

Eleonora Zucconi

Having Next-Actions in Glassfrog (especially with a 3rd party integration) would be great. Thanks Alexia for noting it

Jeff Kreh

If Next-Actions are constitutionally approached, then they'll be kept in one's trusted system. With tensions, it's easy enough to drop the link to your trusted digital system (e.g., a Google Doc, a to do manager, even folders in your email system or specific emails) and to log the Next-Acton(s) in it. What would be nice is if a similar text box were included for projects, so that the tracking document or system could be linked directly to the project summary. In the same way that the constitution is an operating system that users augment with plugin apps, GlassFrog doesn't have to do everything as long as it allows users to plug their preferred/trusted systems into it. In this way, GlassFrog will be more reflective of and supportive of the constitution that it helps us more naturally use.

Jeff Kreh

So, on further review, all views of Projects in GlassFrog allow linking to your system. The paperclip at the top of the summary view isn't as obvious as it could be. Perhaps allowing and displaying in the same type of way as +notes in the Role view will help others figure out and take advantage of this feature. 

Alexia Bowers

Thanks Jeffrey! I think there's a bit of functionality in GlassFrog that isn't as obvious as it could be, and it is good to know what pieces are hidden from folks.