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Dismissing a person of their role and give it to another

Does dismissing a person of their role and give it to another should be done in a governance meeting? or this has to be done outside the meeting?. I understand that no human issues should be discuss in a governance meeting and that is why I am doubting on this one. 

If you want to remove a role from your governance I am sure that this has to be done in the meetting but in this case we want to keep the role and only give it to another person. 

My guess Is that since this is a Lead Link accountability he can do this outside a meeting if there is no policy stateting otherwise. 

Can anybody help me on this one??



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Andrea Faré

my take (experts please jump in and correct me if needed) :

Constitution deals with the matter in a few spots (disclaimer : i am not using the complete wording)

 -  3.1 : this article Does not list  resource and partner allocation as valid governance

-  Appendix A: Lead link assigns partners and resources

-  2.2.3 : Lead link Accountabilities can be delegated to other roles or alternate means.

My conclusion is that you can delegate partner assignment to any separated process you may choose, but this has nothing to do with the governance meeting.

On a general basis it is my understanding that a separation of resource assignment from governance is the key to avoid proposals and objections to become polluted by resource availability issues. This is a very good thing to do because many ideas would otherwise be stopped by sentences such as "we don't have enough resources to do that --> therefore this is not a good idea" .

in my experience this kind of objections  very frequently hijacks  good ideas in companies not practicing Holacracy.



Hi Sebastian,


Role assignment= operations, outside of governance meetings, done by the Lead Link unless specified otherwise by policy

Definition and modification of roles= governance only


Hope that answers.

Sebastián Silva

Andrea and Margaux thanks for your replies, both have been very helpful!!