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Developmental Coaching?

Hi Folks,


Anyone out there provide developmental coaching as a consultant / external coach, using an adult development model (but not Spiral Dynamics), and have an interest in supporting a company that's practicing Holacracy? I have a client interested in adding developmental coaching to help their people make sense of and support everything Holacracy is triggering individually, and the CEO asked me to connect him with someone who could help.


If you're interested, share a link in a comment to something about you / your work that I could share with him (your website, an article, whatever) - I'll pass along a few references/providers, as I don't want to be in the business of choosing a provider for our client, just connecting them with decent options. Or, if you really want to impress our client (and ensure we refer you to many of our clients), write a blog post explaining your approach to developmental coaching/support, and how it connects to and supports Holacracy practice - that's something I could easily point clients to as an introduction!


I'll give it a week before I compile results and send over to our client.




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Hi Brian,


Thanks for posting the request!


I/We provide developmental coaching using the Cook-Greuter Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) and the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP).   


We are very familiar with Holacracy as you know - I have completed the Practitioner training 4 times, am a Certified Holacracy Practitioner and have also completed the Coach Training.  We promote Holacracy as a vehicle for organizational maturity, and include Polarity Wisdom in our approach, depending on client and context.


Our website is www.verticaldevelopment.com


I will write a blog post about our approach and how that supports Holacracy practice :-)


Thanks for including us a potential vendor.


Beena Sharma


Center for Leadership Maturity