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Delegating role assignments in Glassfrog

In our Holocracy, we have a circle where the Lead Link has used a policy to grant a Training role the ability to remove an individual from a specific role and then assign them to another role.  

Is there currently any way in Glassfrog to give the Training role the ability to add or remove an individual from specific roles?  

I have looked around and have only seen that the Lead Link and the Secretary have the ability to add or remove an individual from a role (aside from Glassfrog Admins).

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Kallie Kendle

 [@mention:564261722672205863] you're right in identifying the 3 roles that can add/change role fillers in GlassFrog as: Lead Link, Secretary and Admin.  The Training role that you mentioned can certainly lean on these roles to update the role fillers.   

Would you be interested in making a feature request for the Lead Link be able to grant the overall role-filling ability to another circle member in addition to themselves?  I wasn't sure if the policy you spoke of was more specific than that e.g., only granting the ability for certain roles in the circle?


WE've encountered this problem to so +1 a feature request!

It would also work for to just make everyone an admin if there was a clearer paper-trail in GF (e.g. if we give everyone the ability to edit everything, it's helpful to keep a record of changes and who made them so we can track back any problems).

Bradley Stillwagon

[@mention:450960215285362246]  Yes, a feature request would be very helpful here I think.  

In this specific situation, the Training role only has assignment/removal authority for two roles within the larger circle, not for the entire circle.

Kallie Kendle

[@mention:564261722672205863] clarification - you said that a role within a sub-circle was granted authority to fill roles in the super-circle (and then only specific roles), correct?  I thought you were asking for this within the same circle. 

Bradley Stillwagon

[@mention:450960215285362246]  Sorry, all of the roles in this example are in the same circle.


Kallie Kendle

Thanks for the clarification Bradley.  I've passed on your feature request for prioritization.   Appreciate your feedback [@mention:564261722672205863] and [@mention:544274267239861666] - keep it coming!

Pam H

With regard to only Secretary and Lead Link having the ability to fill Roles, what does someone do if the Lead Link and Secretary are both absent to a meeting in Glass Frog, or the Secretary hasn't been assigned yet and so only the Lead Link can do it and they are absent for that meeting? How does someone else fill in for them for that one meeting in Glass Frog? Does the Lead Link have to give their password to their GF account to someone else to fill roles from the Lead Link's GF account for that one meeting? Or is there a way of automatically having some other Role take over for Lead Link in the GF software in the event of an absence?

Thanks. P


Alexia Bowers


Since the Lead Link has a domain on role assignments (unless you've changed this via policy), I would say that if Lead Link isn't in a tactical meeting, then you would create an action for them to do the role assignment. If you're in a governance meeting, then you won't be doing role assignments. Secretary only has permissions to assign roles in GlassFrog to assist the Lead Link (or other role if authorized by policy). Admins can also do role assignments, but again as an assist, at the request of Lead Link.

Assigning roles isn't a typical activity in a meeting. I'm not a coach, but if you are doing role assignments in Holacracy meetings as a typical activity, you may be misunderstanding what should be happening in the meetings.


Pam H

Ahhhhh to be more clear... not to assign roles to a particular person. What I meant to say was to create new roles in Glass Frog that will be filled in the future.

Heather R

Hi, Pam, there should be no difficulty creating new roles during a Governance meeting.  The software will allow anyone in the circle to do that.  It's usual for the Secretary to do the typing, but anyone can do it if the Secretary is on vacation or otherwise absent.