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Default domain in glass frog for Secretary role

Glass frog lists "Structural Role Domain" under the secretary role, our 4.1 constitution lists " All constitutionally-required records of the circle" as the domain for a secretary...
Can anyone expand on the intent of the Structural Role Domain? We are wondering if the secretary can add a policy (since they have a domain) on meeting attendance.
Thank you!

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It means no one can modify the governance records without the secretary's permission. If you'd like to add a policy re-attendance, you have to propose it in a governance meeting as it is not included in that specific domain.

Alexia Bowers

Hi Sandra, 

"Structural Role Domain" is a bug and we've fixed it now.  We've been restructuring the underlying code in GlassFrog in preparation for translating GlassFrog into other languages, and we pushed some code up last night that introduced the bug. Structural role domain isn't a proper domain.  I apologize greatly for the confusion - I hope that it doesn't stick in your mind. I admire how quickly you found it!

Sandra Murre

Alexia: Thanks for the clarification it was just a fluke of timing :-)  I was researching the domains on default roles and thought it was a curious description that I thought who knows maybe this is what I am looking for.  No worries about it sticking in my mind, lot's of ADHD running around in there!


Karilen Mays

Anyone including Secretary may propose a policy to the circle, though the constitution states pretty clearly who is invited, that no quorums are needed, and meetings are optional. You can shape this further via policy - curious if you want to share more!