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Decomposition of large roles into smaller ones


In the book "Holacracy: the revolutionary management system" Brian Robertson writes that one of the main ideas of Holacracy is the decomposition of big roles into smaller ones so that everyone can find the most suitable role for himself. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

In our organization there is a problem, that the people who are carrying out roles, carry out some duties are good, and some duties are performing poorly. For example, the leader-link of one of the circles is a cool specialist in IT, he chooses people for roles in his circle, but he does not do well with the coaching function of people, he can not broadcast to people in his circle the values of Holacracy. The seller sells phones well, but badly sells accessories for phones.
Do you think that this is the reason for separating these roles, removing from them those responsibilities with which these people are badly managed, and creating new roles from these responsibilities? For example, the role of "Coaching employees", the role of "Sales of accessories." And transfer these roles to other people.

Are there any similar problems in your organizations? Do you solve them in a similar way or just take a person off the role?

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