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Dealing with Rep Links overwhelm?

I am very interested where this github-constitution-issues-conversation https://github.com/holacracyon...stitution/issues/226 is going: “As a Super-Circle, I'd like to be able to provide an alternate pathway that meets the tension processing need of Rep Links and then remove the ability for Rep Links to join my meetings, so that I can have a lotof Sub-Circles when that's appropriate, without overwhelming my meetings with Rep Links.”

but… the new version of the Constitution is not there yet. And I am currently facing exactly this issue in the process of defining a initial structure with a client: it seems natural for a circle to have a lot of subcircles but the prospect of all the Rep Links attending the meetings thus having meetings with large numbers of circle members is not attractive…

So in the mean time, working with Constitution v4.1: has any of you developed smart ways/work-arounds to deal with this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Fritz von Allmen

We experience similar issues and have not found good solutions

At the moment our GCC "hosts" 8 Subcircles, luckily some members cover several roles (Rep Links or Link Links).

Addendum: personally I would get rid of the double-linking concept (it can be useful, but it should not be mandatory. Disadvantages can easily outweight the expected wins of this concept)