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Custom Sections in Circle Sidebar

Hey, wanted to let everyone know that we've added the ability to configure custom circle sections in GlassFrog. I'm pretty excited about it and I wanted to let you all know about it.

Basically, if you're the circle's Lead Link or Secretary (or org admin), you can configure custom sections for display in the circle sidebar, here's how:

  1. Hover over the blue sidebar in the circle page to see a little gear icon in the upper right, click on that guy
  2. In the popup, add as many custom sections as you want
  3. Close the popup, and the custom sections will now show up for everyone who can view the circle

These sections are per circle, so teams can add circle specific information there. I made a screenshot with a bunch of yellow arrows:

I hope you like it! I'd love to hear what you think and how you're using it!

4 Replies

Hey Alexia,


Could you tell me the intent of such update? Why it was asked?

I like it but I don't see the use of it right now for your clients.



Alexia Bowers

Hi Margaux,

Sure, one of our customers asked for it and I felt like it could be useful for everyone. The intent is to allow a little bit of customization for teams that have other info that they might want to associate with a circle. For example, if they use Key Performance Indicators, or links to commonly used circle docs, or a links to other tools that a circle commonly uses. The biggest value I see is for adding more information to the anchor circle, but I'm curious to see how folks use it.

As Product Manager, I prioritized it in because it seemed generally useful and would meet some tactical needs expressed by customers, and it was a nice, little discrete piece of functionality that could be delivered alongside the performance improvements that we were working on to help GlassFrog's performance for our European folks.


Thank you for such clarification, I always like to hear the “WHY”, it helps me explain it to our customers as well.

Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hey Alexia,

Thanks for such update, it seems a very cool one - we're going to use this new functionality with our clients and let you know how they will use it