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Could NYC government self-manage?

Hypothetical question.  Take a look at a recent story on gov't (in)efficiency in NYC: http://gothamgazette.com/index...ther-reforms-planned

Issues include: 1) too many committees; 2) too few representatives; 3) tension around their functionality in a complex environment; 4) kickbacks and rewarding for redundant functions.

My gut is to say, if the issues are so complex and you want to keep that many committees, maybe representative democracy is no longer adaptive to solve them.  What comes after democracy?


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Ryan Leisinger

The idea of Holacracy and self governing is an interesting one for Government. We are currently running Holacracy on a limited scale in .gov https://ocio.wa.gov/holacracy-blog

Michael Paone

Thanks, Ryan!  Curious to take a look at your experiences.