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Core proces

We are a training/consulting firm. Beside specific roles, almost all of us have the role of trainer/consultant. How do you fit this in a role? As nobody is rep link but we all are responsible to do this core proces of our firm. Does anybody have a good role description  for us? Thnx!

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Hi Yves,

You can have multi-filled roles as allowed by the constitution (2.4.2 Assigning Roles to Multiple People)

An example to illustrate is the role "Facilitator Coach" filled by 7 people in HolacracyOne as we can see it in their public holarchy : https://app.glassfrog.com/circles/8670

Hop that helps ! 

Juliane Martina Röll

You might consider not having one role for this, but to have separate roles for the different projects your trainers/consultants are working in!

Koen Veltman

Hi Yves, I once applied holacracy in my own consulting team. And we experimented with a client circle as well as a project circle as well as a team circle. With lots of +/- on each of them in our experience. we found that the complexity and intensity of the project work we did as a consults hugely benefited from diversification of a single consulting role.

happy to talk you through it. just send me a DM and we connect.