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Copying roles/circles


another brainwave on glassfrog functionality.

would it be possible to copy existing roles and circles incl their domains/policies?

i have seen the need for this in a few organizations. Especially when an organization is "project" or "process" based. Examples I have seen include a consultancy, some manufacturers or geographically organized with similar organizations in each geography. Most notably I visited a nursery once which had this need, 50 self-organized locations with similar "operations".

It would be great to just copy an existing circle and use that as a starting point to evolve and adapt then locally. (vs the work around to just manually copy all roles/accountabilities.


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Bernard Marie Chiquet


I saw some similar new feature being explored in preparation of constitution version 5 - I would recommend you to add your comments on github

Alexia Bowers

Hi Koen,

I've been hearing similar examples from other companies. I've got some functionality in the backlog to allow exporting/importing roles and policies from files, which I think might meet the need you are talking about, in addition to some other needs for sharing role and policy templates. Do you think this would meet the need?

I'll definitely add your idea to the notes -- it's helpful to see what use cases any functionality might solve. Thank you!

Koen Veltman

Thank you! That reads like a great solution to get started. Alternative I could imagine is create a copy checkbox at the bottom of a governance proposal (eg next to the "make role a circle" checkbox)

Juliane Martina Röll

The thread on GitHub is here: "Allow role templates  / inheritance" (Issue #58)