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Coordination with other circles - Is Cross Link the answer ?

Hi, all:

We have a circle, which because of the way we are currently structured, will be needing a lot of executional work from several other circles.

Because this is executional, there will be a lot of coordination among these roles from different circles, plus we want them to be able to do governance in our circle to remove governance type roadblocks directly in our circle.

We were thinking of using cross links for this purpose. However, Cross Links from these different circles are more of a rep link, which satisfies the objective of them being able to do governance directly in our circle, but we're not sure if they can be asked to do something in their home circle onnour behalf.

We could create cross links to the other circle, but this will add too much overhead, since we will have two cross links for the same circle.

1. Is Cross Link the best solution for this problem ?

2. Can Cross Link to and from a circle be filled with the same role filler ?

Note: the reason why the structure is the way it is now is due to limited resources, so it's kind of going back to functional groups, since we have to share expertise among three different product circles, which all require the same expertise. We ended up creating service circles that pooled all similar expertise in each circle to provide services to the three product circles.












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