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Constitution and Meeting Cards in Spanish

Hi everybody!

We're about to implement Holacracy in our Barcelona Office. Is there already a constitution available in Spanish and/or Catalan? And has anybody prepared meeting cards in Spanish already?

If none of the above apply: Is somebody interested in collaborating to create such a document?



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Paul Codd

Hi Frederik,

I would like to collaborate with the Spanish version. I can also speak Catalan but not sufficiently well enough to help. I have just taken on a new project which will limit the amount of time I can give it, but I can commit to proof reading and general review. I have previously worked as a translator so hopefully this should be of some help.



Dani Arricivita

Hi Frederik, Paul,

I live in Barcelona. I would like to collaborate with the catalan version.



Jean-Michel Gode

HI Frederik,

A friend of mine, already practicing Holacracy and French/Spanish bilingual, is mostly interested in collaborating with you to create these Holacracy Spanish constitution and meeting cards documents. I'll send you his email adress trough the the private message.


Frederik Fleischmann

Hi everybody,

Here's our translation of the cards into Spanish. We haven't translated the testing objections part yet. Would be great to get your input for that.

Governance Meeting Card: https://docs.google.com/docume...A7I/edit?usp=sharing

Tactical Meeting Card: https://docs.google.com/docume...ttk/edit?usp=sharing

@HolacracyOne Partners: It'd be great to have a community plattform where such documents can be shared.



Karilen Mays

Frederik - I have heard form several others that they want to translate the constitution, etc. I am not aware of spanish speaking coaches, so if anyone does know of any I would love to know! It is a need we have not been able to fulfill ourselves.

So I will promote this conversation among those who ask me about spanish resources!

Also, I am sharing your request internally to see if they have an answer about sharing documents. You can add attachments to messages - not sure if you tried that.

Let us know how we can help. Thanks Frederik! 

Paul Codd

These are great Frederik. With your permission I'd like to suggest a few small changes. Is there a specific reason you didn't translate the titles and headings? Where can I find the most up to date English versions? It would be good to see the latest texts and have both language versions open at the same time.

Frederik Fleischmann

Hello Paul, we didn't translate the titles and headings because most of our meetings are conducted in English and we found it useful to have the titles and headings unchanged. But please feel free to change whatever you want. I made the files public and everyone has permisson to edit.

Here you can find the Meeting Card's contents:



The questions to test objections can be found here: http://transitionus.org/sites/...ucture%20Revised.pdf


This is great!

Monica Expositor Blasco

Hi Frederik,

thanks for sharing here and sending them to me a few months ago .

Now that I'm preparing my coach assessment and will be on holidays, I feel more fit to work on completely translating and refining the moderation cards.

I will share them here when I'm done .

Lea Espinal

Hello everyone!

Here's the Constitution in Spanish, translated by HolacracyOne, in case anyone's interested


Paul Codd

Thanks Lea - this wasn't actually translated by HolacracyOne. They are managing the Github respository which anyone can contribute suggested changes to. See this thread for the background:  ...spanish-constitution

Monica Expositor Blasco

Hola chic@s,

here the translation I've just finalised of our version of the Holacracy Meeting Cards into Spanish! It is fully translated into standard Spanish from Spain.
Please feel free to make comments in both google docs.

After I get some feedback and possibly integrate changes, at dwarfs and Giants we will be making both cards available for free in pdf format in our own design (like we did with DE, IT, PL and Swiss DE in http://www.dwarfsandgiants.org/we-share/).

Governance Meeting Card: Holacracy (ES) - Reunión Gobernanza - Tarjeta

Tactical Meeting Card: Holacracy (ES) - Reunión Táctica - Tarjeta


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