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Conditions which lead to productive Employees within holocratical systems


I was wondering:

A) How do you identify which characteristics are more favourable for a new employee to adapt himself better to a holocratical environment?

(How) do you assess this traits in your hiring process? 

B) Which organizational conditions do you consider specially relevant to enable workers to give their best within self-organizing teams?

I will be really thankful for any advice! 

Holocratical Regards, 


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Jalmari Kivinen

Good point, I've been considering the same. Other question for me, is that how do people EXPLAIN Holacrcay in the recruiting process. So how to be sure that the job seeker understands where is coming.

Just by saying that "we have flat organization and Holacracy empowers people to make meaningful decisions" won't really deliver the message.

There are many people with egos craving for titles and looking for positions just to get power from status... And hiring this kind of "wonderful" people is the formula of disaster. 


Frederic Laloux, in his book "Reinventing Organizations" gives some ideas about this.

Wholeness, Conditions that make self-management well practised, Samples of Hiring Process ....


Hi [@mention:551030431173357846] at GrantTree we've spent a couple of years on the question: how do you systematically hire for self-management capability? (We see Holacracy as a system to support our self-management practice).

We use a structured interview based on some psychology around adult development by Robert Kegan (along with Lisa Lahey, and other collaborators). If you're curious, the chapter on "Working" in the book In Over Our Heads goes some way to explain why the ability to self-manage successfully can be seen in developmental terms. Or if you want to chat on Skype at some point I can do my best to explain it. It's rather long to put all the details here

Dennis Wittrock

Hi [@mention:551030431173357846], I reflected on some of these question in this Medium blog post

Maybe this is helpful. 

beste Grüße,