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Compensation plan


My name is Thom Westland. I am an twenty-year-old student at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, a university of applied sciences. At their school of economics, I am a fourth year student of Business administration at their school of economics.

For this study, I need to do an internship for approximately 6 months. I am doing this internship at a company which is currently in the transition to holacracy. My assingment is about finding a suitable compensation plan for this company, which will work in holacracy.

I am new to holacracy and im currently reading a lot of books about it. My question to you guys is: where shall i start with the compensation plans? And what are the most common compensation plans whitin holacracy?

Thank you for your time!

Thom Westland

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Hi Thom,

Have a look at the (Dutch) site www.bureaubaarda.nl. We have adopted holacracy 18 months ago and are now implementing this model as transparant compensation system. It might give you some new and valuable insights.