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Compensation app examples

Hi everyone!

In a coach training someone mentioned a compensation app for Holacracy called "Stahrs". They said I can find it on google if I like. I tried and I couldn't

The key idea in this app was that people would get a certain amount of stars, that they can give to other people, and then compensation is decided on that basis. Have anyone seen a system like that? Can you describe it in more details here, or provide some reference?

What are other creative ideas for compensation systems? Can someone share their personal experience with peer-to-peer compensation approaches?

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Brian Robertson

We just put in place a new compensation system for HolacracyOne; you can see the actual policy in our governance, here:  https://app.preview.glassfrog.com/policies/9928151


[@mention:449693036223847456], I don't see any mention of badges in that policy.  Is there some other place in your governance that connects badges to compensation, or is there simply no explicit connection between the two.  (Maybe there never was?)

Brian Robertson

Yeah, all of our badge system policies are tagged with "badge system" - here's the list of everything with that tag:  https://app.preview.glassfrog.com/tags/280

But the badge system is not directly connected to the compensation system any longer.

Alexey Ilyichev

Thanks, Brian, Awo! That's just what I needed