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Company-Wide Policy

We recently passed a proposal for a company-wide policy in GCC governance, and I'm not sure how to enter it in GF correctly. Right now it's living as a GCC policy, but I'd like to appear in every sub-circle as well. How should this work?

In case anyone's interested, here's the policy:

Any major change that significantly impacts the workflow of one or more other circles should trigger a working session to be scheduled by the decision-maker behind the change. The decision-maker must make a general announcement, giving each role the opportunity to evaluate whether their workflow is impacted and therefore can attend the working session. The session would be an opportunity for impacted roles to contribute their input and seek clarification on the implications for specific use cases. It does not in any way constrain decision-making autonomy. In the event that it's not possible to schedule a working session before the major change takes place, the change should still proceed without the working session, but a working session should be scheduled as soon as possible thereafter.

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I don't know about the policy content but I can tell you that if you create a policy in the GCC, it applies for all the sub-circles by default.

Juliane Martina Röll

Adding to Margaux: One way to easily see all policies that apply to a role, is to use the "My Authority" function in Glassfrog: It will show you applicable policies from the role's immediate circle and all super-circles.