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Collecting agenda

I have a holacracy steward role, which has the accountabilities of https://app.glassfrog.com/org/12526/roles/10594118

I am noticing that we have a new member who does not know much about holacracy, when the person is sharing the agendas, the new person is saying thrree to four things which i see or interpret as different agendas. i was requesting the secretary to not them all down rather than just keeping in their mind. The secretary, says, i will remember them all and i don't need to write them all and i will remind them. 

My issue is that the person is new and may not have the knowledge to see that all the agendas they share are recorded. Is it the facilitator's prerogative to choose if they want to write or not. Or is there any other way to do it. Can i get clear reference to this some where in the constitution on how the facilitator is supposed to collect the agendas? 


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Juliane Martina Röll

One formal note: You are making requests to the Secretary, while it would be the Facilitator's job to capture Agenda items. (See 3.3.4 - Agenda Building).

The process for Agenda Building is clear: 

When adding an agenda item, a participant may only provide a short label for the Tension, and may not explain or discuss the Tension further

It seems to me that you need to urge the Facilitator to follow the rules and build an agenda properly. 

The constitution doesn't specify an exact format for this agenda (or the process how it should be built), but you could easily propose one as a Policy, I think.

On another note: If agenda items are not captured fully at the beginning, usually there is little harm, because the tension persists and the tension holder can always add an agenda item later.

Does this help?

shammi nanda

[@mention:457575321027129860], thanks for your response. I see that it makes sense to educate the new partner to just tell the one or two words and not try to explain it. Here when both people are educated then there is less chance of things left out. i also like what you say around the agenda left out and the tension may still persist the person can still bring it up. 

we are in an interesting phase as there are people who may be on the lower place of conventional strucutural power and they are now responding with more power when placed in a context where they have the voice and pathways. its liberating to see such shifts happen. 

Thanks again!