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Cohesion in the GCC

Hi Everyone,

We're in the early adoption phase and are currently conducting some of our first GCC governance meetings. Through the coach training I learnt about coupling and cohesion and realised that we had a created a sub circle full of roles that had very low cohesion and high coupling, a circle full of roles that no one knew what to do with, so put them in an imaginary clutter drawer. This circle is a sub circle which now no longer exists, so all of these roles now sit in the super circle which is a sub circle of the GCC. 

In GCC governance I proposed that we remove two of these roles and bring them into the GCC due to low cohesion with the rest of the circle. This was met with a valid objection from the GCC LL, with the main reason being that these roles also had low cohesion with the GCC. This didn't seem right to me, as I imagine that the GCC would always be full of roles with low cohesion or high coupling. 

It was a tricky governance tension with the proposer and objector getting a bit stuck at integration. The objector felt like the only way to solve the objection was to drop the proposal, meaning that the objection became invalid.

I wonder if anyone has any feedback on this? Is cohesion important in the GCC?

Thanks in advance



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