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Coaching the Soul through Elevation/Diminution Side Effect


Imagine a hypothetical anchor circle that has been operating more or less with the same structure for 2 years. Minor tweaks and policies and stuff in that time period.

Governance comes along that moves a handful of roles (some w subcircles) into a new subcircle of the anchor group.

Humans energizing roles now moved to the subcircle might have an experience (from shadow power or social conditioning?) that they have been demoted / minimized / diminished. Other humans energizing roles in the now-smaller anchor circle might have an experience that they are elevated / superior / more important, from the same traditional rules that make up means about the comparative value of human beings in an organization.

How might a Holacracy coach work with team and individuals as they face their new structure, the shifting dynamics, and the exposed underbelly of shadow power in the organization and within themselves?

Your input strongly desired.

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