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Coaches boost learning

We had a powerful practice session last night, with [@mention:577352400502155145] and [@mention:563839477050140014] Kaszewska. Having had the benefit of Tom's inimitable quality and style last week, it was excellent to get great coaching from [@mention:493465881837995141] Bocian, who brought her own special talents as a Coach. Toon had his last practice. Smooth - and good luck in the evaluation! We had great technical feedback, especially around the domain/policy boundary, as well as excellent facilitation tips and tricks (such as learn the scripts by heart!). Also, we learnt the value of always being ready to ask the Secretary to pull up a role to check what is already in or is part of governance in the GlassFrog record. I realised that I was likely to assume that there would be something there, because after all it is obvious that it should be, right? Or I assumed that a new proposal must of course always be addressing an absence.

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