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Checklist Items/Metrics Reported By Cross Link?

From the Rep/Cross Link accountabilities (v 4.1):

  • Providing visibility to the Super-Circle into the health of the Sub-Circle, including reporting on any metrics or checklist items assigned to the whole Sub-Circle

Is "assigned to the whole Sub-Circle" only relevant for Rep Links? Or can a Target Circle assign metrics/checklist items to a Linked Circle?

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Alexey Ilyichev

I guess the answer is no. You cannot assign metrics or checklists to the linked circle, because linked circle isn't actually a role on a super circle. Similarly, you cannot change its purpose or accountabilities.


Section 2.7.1.: “If the Linked Entity is a Circle or a group, then a new special-purpose Cross Link Role is automatically created instead, and resides within both the Linked Entity and the Target Circle, much like a Rep Link. In this case, the Cross Link Role has the same Purpose and Accountabilities as a Rep Link, but with the “Circle” referenced in the Rep Link Role description instead meaning the Linked Entity, and the “Super-Circle” instead meaning the Target Circle.”

So the Lead Link of a Target Circle can define metrics for the Linked Entity.

We have that in H1 Ecosystem Circle for instance: https://glassfrog.holacracy.org/circles/1506

As a Provider, we have a Cross Link from our company (iGi Partners is the Linked Entity) to H1 (Target Circle) and the Lead Link of this Circle (Olivier) defined metrics Cross Links need to report on their company's activity.

Hope that helps!