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Change in the Constitution for Lead Link and Rep Link V4.0 / V4.1

Hi everybody

When I was trained at PCT we worked with the V4.0 Consitution and lately I noticed some changes in the LL and RL roles between V4.0 and V4.1:

  • For LL there is a 6th acc added: "Removing constraints within the Circle to the Super-Circle enacting its Purpose and Accountabilities ".
  • For the RL, the 3rd acc in the V4.0 is: "Removing constraints within the Super-Circle that limits the Circle's capacity  to express its Purpose or Accounabilities". In the V4.1 it becomes "Removing constraints within the broader  Organization that limit the Sub-Circle".
  • The Purpose of the RL stays unchanged :"...within the Sub-Circle, the Rep Link's Purpose is: Tensions relevant to process in the Super-Circle channeled out and resolved "

My questions :

Q1 : if I understand well, with V4.0 only RL was accountable for bringing tensions to the Upper-Circle and with V4.1 both LL and RL are accountable for bringing tensions in the Upper-Circle, or am I missing something ?

Q2 : for the RL, what does the acc "Removing constraints within the broader Organization..." means concretly ? For large organisations, if the authority to remove the constraints belongs to an Upper-Circle which is 4 levels above, how shall the RL do ? Lets take the example of a circle C included in a circle B, B included in A and A included in Z. So to remove a tension from C regarding ressources allocation (authorithy of Z), will he/she engage directly the Z's LL ? Or does he/she will engage A's RL or A's LL, or both ? Or does he/she have to go through B’s RL/LL, who will escalate to A’s RL/LL, who will escalate to Z's LL?

Thanks for sharing your understanding of that key topics.




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