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Certified Holacracy Coach

Hello CoP,

I'm preparing myself to take the Facilitation Assessment for getting the coach certification. Here is experience with Holacracy so far:

  • I've read most of the material available online, Brian's book, CoP, videos, and more;
  • I led an implementation at a company that I was working as an Agile Coach without any support from Certified Coaches, except for the CoP;
  • So far, I have been facilitating governance and tactical meetings at least twice per month since last year (almost a full year);
  • I am running Holacracy in my own company (3 people only);

I'm pretty comfortable facilitating meetings, explaning the intent and purpose of every step, and detecting the most common pitfalls (like trying to set new expectations inside Tactical meetings).

Unfortunatelly, I could not attend to any oficial trainings because I can't afford them right now. 

My question is simple: Do you think I should give it a try? What should I be careful about?

It is also not clear to me if during the assessment I need to play as participant or secretary, or only as facilitator. The page does not provide much information...

I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!

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