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Can a Lead Link invite any partner to fill a role?

My question is simple and straight: can a lead link invite any partner of the organization to fill a role?


I ask this because my organization is divided into business units and we currently have an implicit legacy policy that dictates that only X% of the human resources (headcount) should be allocated to each BU. How do we handle this in Holacracy? Is this a policy from the super-circle? 



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Jean-Michel Gode


• About any partner filling a role: Yes (it is exactly the idea)

• About the X% implicit policy... Just rise it as a tension in a Gov meeting and set an explicit policy to clarify this issue. In the worst, it will become an explicit policy ; at best, you'll get rid of it and you'll have the clarity needed about allocating human ressources...

Hope that helps

Davi Gabriel da Silva

Can a super-circle define a policy that limits role assignment within its sub-circles?


Dennis Ross

Yes.  Policies set at the super-circle level impact all roles or sub-circles within the super-circle.