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Posted in GlassFrogBy Pam H • 02/25/2018

Bug in Glass Frog

Hi.  I was creating an initial organizational structure.  I created a first defined role in a governance meeting and closed the meeting.  The new role immediately appeared  in the list of roles as a Defined Role.  However, the role didn't show up on the picture representation of the organizational structure for at least 10 minutes causing 2 of us to keep trying new things to try to get it to show up or figure out what we were doing wrong.

I called another user of GlassFrog on the phone. He created a new role and it also didn't show up in his organization's structure either though he's created new roles in the past and had them show up.

This seems to be a bug?

Thanks, P

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Heather R

Hi, Pam,

Yes, it was a bug!  Thanks for posting about it.  We have fixed that one right away, so you shouldn't be having the issue anymore.

Pam H

Great. Thanks Heather.