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Brazilian Members

Hi everyone! Are there any other Brazilian members here besides me? I'm located in São Paulo and looking forward to meeting other holarchs (is that correct?)

BTW, I have created a meetup group: www.meetup.com/pt/Sao-Paulo-Holacracy-Meetup/


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Carlos Zuma

Hi Davi, I'm located in Rio. I'm a cofounder of a 21 years old NGO, that is just starting a holacracy governance. May I join the meetup group even though I'm in Rio?

Davi Gabriel da Silva

Yes, Carlos, sure

Frederico Knabben

Hey Davi!


Although I'm Brazilian (from São Paulo), I'm living in Poland, implementing Holacracy at CKSource.


Anyway, just wanted to wish good luck there. Gonna keep this in mind for one of my trips back home

Rogerio Oliveira

Hey Davi!

I'm also from Sao Paulo and implementing Holacracy in some of my startups.

Would love to meet to discuss and exchange ideas on it.


Davi Gabriel da Silva

Yes, of course, Rogerio. Let's do it!