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Board circle x general company circle

Hello guys, I work for New Present Energy, in Brazil, and we are struggling with some issues when structuring our circles and roles. 

Today, we already have a circle for taking care of the company's culture and strategy and I'm its lead link.

But since we dont have a lead link in the general company circle, how can we handle with its other accountabilities, evolving my other 2 partners in the important decisions of the general company circle? 

The tensions I'm trying to solve is validate the strategy I'm defining in that circle with the partners and fulfulling the other GCC lead link's accountabilities.

Would the creation of a board circle be a good idea? And then the strategy defined in that circle that I'm the lead link goes for the board circle to be validated? Or it would cause more tensions and some bureocracy?




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It looks like you've named your two tensions and so I would encourage you to try to process it in governance with any solution you find viable. It can be helpful to get specific on them. 

- Validate the strategy... What does that mean to you? How is what's currently happening not meeting your need? 

- Distributing Lead Link Accountabilities... What accountabilities are not happening? Do you have and idea of a system that would work?

In an anchor circle without a lead link the work typically done by the lead link can happen during a governance meeting until governance is written otherwise. 

It is ok to try something that you think will solve your tension. If it isn't perfect we can at least learn from it. 

Perhaps, you'd try your idea of having a large all encompassing circle then you would experience if it was too bureaucratic or not.

The tool I usually look to for distributing those accountabilities is policy. You can use a policy to grant authorities that were lead link authorities to a specific process or role.  

This is the fun of the practice of Holacracy, keep at it!


Xavier Boëmare

Hi [@mention:575944726524854281],

With a GCC without LL, by default LL's accountability are expressed in governance (section 5.2.2)

So for instance regarding the GCC's strategy, you would go to the GCC governance (if you're core member of) and make a proposal for the circle' strategy, and will run through the usual IDM process.

In addition, if you feel like (tension) running through governance IDM process for any LL accountability expression is "too" heavy, you can still propose to distribute LL's accountabilities to different roles or app, the same way you would do in any circle.

Hope this help.