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Best Practices for Board of Directors/Advisors


We're just starting to consider using Holacracy for our organisation, which is a software development and training company.

Could someone point me to resources on how best to handle the set-up of the legacy Board of Directors and the Advisory Board within the organisation? 

Thanks in advance.


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Bernard Marie Chiquet

Hi Samir,

Happy to help. I don't know about any already written resources about such subject. I would recommend you to bring that to next COP coaching hours or you might contact me in private bernardmarie@igipartners.com


Bernard Marie

Ruben @ Springest

Do you have any concrete questions (i.e. "How do you do X or Y")? My personal experience: I keep both my board  and advisory board largely out of Holacracy. They like it, but care less about how we organise than how successful we are. 

The board sets our GCC strategy (in our case in the form of OKRs), but since I'm both the majority shareholder and GCC LL, this isn't as official in practice as it sounds

I have introduced some of the Tactical meeting processes for our board meetings though, and I regularly point advisors to roles within my organisation, and invite them for Q&A's where we do discuss Holacracy sometimes.


Hey Samir,

you might find the following wiki article helpful:




Jonas Vonlanthen (Liip)

Does anyone know if the literature / examples have evolved related to this topic since 2016? I'd be really interested to hear best practices about handling that board of directors / rest of the company setup, also in relations shareholding and therefore power to vote. 

Nick Osborne

[@mention:462501715201240916] Encode.org have expertise in the legal issues relating to Holacracy adoptions, and have a model where there are three separate yet connected contexts for enterprises which self-organise using Holacracy: legal/work/people. 

Juliane Martina Röll

One of my clients has their shareholding and board outside of Holacracy. The board then adopts a policy that mandates Holacracy as the operating system for the company and appoints the initial Lead Link of the Anchor Circle. Then it's Holacracy all the way down from there. In their case, the board is mostly pro-forma (it's legally required to have a board). Almost all of its work is delegated into the GCC.