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Back up

Hello everyone!
We here at SmartHOTEL have the tension that we back up all important resources that might harm the organization if we loose it. 

Now, using Glassfrog it is one of the most important tools that we use on a daily base. There is no back up possibility that I am aware of.

Is there any other organization that wants to share its best practise on how to back up the structure with us?

Thank you!


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Oliver Emmler

Hi Derreck,
you are most probably right. An XML pr PDF Export would be great. Unfortunately i cannot guide you to issue a requirement request to the glassfrog team. I'm sure you can use the support function in glassfrog. An XML Export might make it possible to restructure the data in GlassFrog and maybe provide different visualizations.
Best Regards,


Audrey M

Hi [@mention:486850353351694505],
Indeed currently there is no way to back up the data in GlassFrog. 

[@mention:582983104089905965], I take your request to have easy access to PDF Export.

I pitch other users to share their preferences on the topic.

Audrey (as GlassFrog Customer Support)

Michel van Beek

We've connected to the current Glassfrog API to extract all possible information. I would like to see a proper backup and restore option however.

Audrey M

Thanks for the feedback [@mention:587205936879586215].