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Awkward Policy

Hi Holacracy Coaches!

How would you facilitate/coach a policy request:

"All employees to report to office at 9am?"

I can see something like that easily being requested in organisations that are early adopters.

Looking forward to creative answers.


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Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Arif,
I'd suggest having a look at this inspiring article:


Fritz von Allmen

Splendid article [@mention:450538002759581166]. We have sooooo many problems formulating policies and getting the idea right. There should be like a separate training-module just for this.

I have one more "policy"-question. Since I have a role that is responsible for security, I have to "enforce" some rules for everybody (do not share your password and stuff like this). Right know, I just write a policy and bring it to the Anchor Circle as a "guest role". This feels awkward (my role is in a sub-sub-sub-circle, but he haven't figured out another way how to enforce certain rules for the entire organisation.

Jean-Michel Gode

Hi Fritz,

A separate training-module just for this? For sure

What is your question actually ? And the tension behind ?

At first glance, sounds that a security role has to be created within the GCC (or accountability(ies) around securit added to an already existing role).
One way might be to escalate through the rep link, but it might be a bit heavy too.

Is there any existing role in the GCC affected by your issue?


Fritz von Allmen

[@mention:450538002759581166], I don't want to hijack Arif's post, I will create a new topics