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Automating Tension Strikethrough

One thing we've bumped up against, especially if/when our circle @Secretary and other users may not be quite as technologically skilled, is the creation of tension items and corresponding 'enabling' of the create/edit proposal, create/edit policy and hold election tools in the Governance Meeting interface.

My suggestion is for an obvious/vivid 'highlighting' of the tension on the left, and then automatic strikethrough of that tension when the item is resolved. If a secretary has clicked on the 'wrong' tension previously then clicks on it again, the tool on the right is not enabled, but it shows as if the tension is still 'live'.

A simple strikethrough like what happens with the checking off would help Secretaries differentiate visually with those tensions still 'available' to use in relation to the tool to the right.

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Kallie Kendle

[@mention:454478741268114544] Thanks for the suggestion!  I've logged this as a GlassFrog feature request.  I can certainly see the value in making this a little easier for circle Secretaries, especially when Facilitators jump around to various topics which I like to do :-)   It would also help keep the circle history and practice statistics more accurate.