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Attention Points as budget tool


I was wandering if the Attention Point Policy could be used as a budget tool. Is there someone who's already using the Attention Points App, and what about budget ?

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Koen Veltman

Hi Xavier,

I have implemented Attention Points at one of our clients.

One of the things it creates is an internal "Supply & Demand" of attention (or in simple words time). For which the Points are its currency to exchange attention.

I could definitely see a similar way to do budgets. You allocate "Budget points" (you might just call them Euro's) circles and roles. Which is for them just like attention points a resource to spend within the role.

Its definitely one way to do budgetting. It is kind of a cheque for each circle/ role to spend on what they find important for their role up to their max "Budget points".

You could then define some auxiliary processes/policies that add a bit of alignment between points spenders if you need for larger amounts of descretionary spending.

Hope this helps,


Xavier Boëmare

Hi Koen, this is indeed the path I intend to try.

That won't be euros but FTE , 1 FTE being 100 AP. But same idea.

My issue would be using GF to do that, and not having to build another system in parallel to handle this. So I need to store AP on a circle level, and on assignment level (for instance : Role X Partner A = 20 AP).

For circle, I could add a custom section, so that's fine. Any idea for assignment ? For me, the only thing available would be the focus, not the right place I think :-(

Koen Veltman

hi [@mention:491495232183315418] - agree. the simplest form for APs (FTE or budget) I have done is through publishing a note on the role page of the Lead Link (or whichever role in each circle is the appropriate holder of this information).

Advantages: You can start it in a couple of minutes. Updates are send around the circle automatically. And each Lead Link has some good autonomy to do it in a way she/he likes.

The primary drawback is that the note doesn't automatically calculate the sum of the points so it is a bit of a manual process especially across circles. And it requires deliberate attention (a habit) of each circle to make it work (that might also be a good thing to not automate this too much).

This might especially be harder to manage for larger organizations, but that at least is a good tension to then introduce a separate system. An intermediate step could be a google sheet or excel which you link to for each circle to solve the "difficulty of calculation totals and differences" tension.

I had a client that created a dedicated web-app for attention points that integrated with Glassfrog through the API. They will present it at the forum in May.