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Asynchronous Elections


Is it possible to offer asynchronous elections in Glassfrog?

currently only role/circle/policy changes are possible. I found the need for small circle's to be able to do this asynchronous.

It could be either a proposal from anyone to propose anyone, or just that you can nominate yourself. And then have the same two options: no objection, or please esclate to a meeting.


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Hi Koen,


I am not sure this is allowed per constitution but reading back section 3.2.1, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to run asynchronous elections... Though the section is unclear because it states only “objection” or “escalate the Proposal to a Governance Meeting”. At iGi, we created a policy to explicite the asynchronous election process we do on a specific Slack channel.

If it is indeed constitutional ( [@mention:449693036223847456] ?), I would love GF to integrate it, +1 [@mention:449833773730792463]

Alexia Bowers

I actually have a note in my system about this - I was wondering similarly if it would be constitutional either in theory or in practice. I suspect that theoretically it is fine, but I wonder if there are any "gotchas" that might degrade Holacracy practice especially for new orgs in practice. I'm sure if I really thought about how it would work in GlassFrog, it would  become clear if there would be trouble. But, I'd be curious to hear Brian's thoughts as well.

Also, glad to hear you've been thinking about it and have actual use cases - I was wondering if I was just designing from mind when I was thinking about it last.

Christel Hofman

The only thing I can think of is that I would miss the feedback you get when members give words to the person they want to be elected for a certain role.

Tyler Danke

It seems that it should be constitutional. Wether it is or not I am not sure. I too would love to have async elections as an option. I would be perfectly okay if any member of that circle would like to simply escalate to a meeting for any reason.

As a member of a circle that is difficult to get together at the same time and place I want feature the constitution to clarify if we can hold elections asynchronously or not so that benefit we can hold elections simply and easily with getting all circle members as able to participate if they so choose regardless of if they are able to be at a specific time and place.

Andrea Faré

Maybe times are ready for a  "Slack Election Bot"... ?