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Assigning of roles or shopping

i had heard some one  Who practice Hacracy that  they were having people shop for roles. My concern there is that if you do it like that then people may not be fit for those roles.. So I want to hear from people what is the best Way to assign roles is it better that the lead Link  Assign people and proposes to them a role to take and discuss it with them and they can take up the role or instead just wait for people to come up and say that they want to do a particular role. Looking forward to some responses.


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Tom Mulder

Shammi, the LL holds a domain on this and it is the LL accountability to find the best fit for the open roles. Off course if you want to pitch yourself for a role you are free to do this but it is still up to LL do decide if you are the best fit.

To dispose this Domain and Accountability from the LL means that there need either to be a solid process that ensure best fit for Roles or an person assigned to a Role that is qualified to make good judgement of the available people for the open roles. Can imagine in a highly specialized work field that the LL is not always the best person to judge the fit. 

Waiting for someone to come up is, in my opinion, a bad solution. You want open roles to be filled asap as other Roles may rely on the Accountabilities of these roles.

Hope this helps

shammi nanda

Hi Tom, this helps a lot. I was sensing the same as u said that we had been doing a problematic thing by asking peolle to shop for roles. There is some block in me which makes me think that choice is more important and i realise thst takes away the idea of finding the right fit, which is also a job to do or an accountability. It has taken some weight off me and its easy to take authority on this or have the lead link take that authority. I guess the shopping for roles was a kind of consensus behaviour, which is not the best to do and especially in Holacracy.