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Assigning information requests to a Rep Link

When there’s a request for information from a sub-circle, and another member of the super circle and the Rep Link of the sub-circle want to assign an action to the Rep Link to provide this information,  as facilitator/coach should I insist on this action being assigned to the LL instead, because its not strictly part of the accountabilities of the RL and because GF won’t allow it? 

And then coach that the reason its not part of the RL role, and the most relevant accountability of the RL of  'Providing visibility to the Super-Circle into the health of the Sub-Circle, including reporting on any metrics or checklist items assigned to the whole Sub-Circle' doesn't cover these ad-hoc requests for information and that's why it should be assigned to the Lead Link? 

Otherwise, in Glass Frog the Rep Link has to take it on as Individual Action...

And, part of my inquiry is given that the purpose of the Rep Link is 'Within the Super-Circle, the Rep Link holds the Purpose of the SubCircle' and so I’m wondering if it could be an interpretation of this purpose to provide information from the sub-circle in the super-circle? 


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