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Assessment preparation: Online practice group

Do you want to practice running a Governance meeting and master the skills of a good Facilitator? Do you want to learn from other Practitioners and get feedback from Holacracy coaches?


Join the online practice group. Get feedback on your facilitation skills, learn from others, discuss the Constitution together and also have fun in the preparation for your assessment.


How does it work? We have a scheduler in which you can reserve a spot. Via Skype the group connects and simulate a Governance meeting. If you just want to observe and want to learn from others. No problem. Join and take an observer spot. 


Schedule (in CET) 

  • Monday from        19.00 – 21.00
  • Tuesday from       20.30 – 22.30
  • Wednesday from  18.00 – 20.00
  • Friday from         09.00 – 11.00


Want to join. Like this topic and sent an e-mail to mulder.tom@live.nl. I will then sent you an invite that grants access to the Scheduler. In the Scheduler you will find the rules for the role play.

1 Replies
Ian Forbes

This looks like just what I need, especially if I am able to ease my way in as an observer!